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Best games to play on a road trip

Have you ever went on a road trip without complaints about boredom? Usually if the trip takes more than an hour, people will find something to complain about. It doesn’t matter how amazing the landscape is. As long as they are trapped in a moving vehicle stuffed with things and people, no one will be able to enjoy the trip to the max.

But there’s a simple way around this: just keep them entertained. If you just want to drive in peace, propose some interesting games. If your passengers are busy finding words or playing math games, time will fly and you’ll be at the destination in no time.


Top 5 games to play on a road trip

To help you out, here are five ideas that may be of help on your next trip:

  1. I spy – a game that doesn’t require any technology, pen or paper. Even better, it’s quite entertaining and everyone can learn the rules quickly. Well, the only rule is to ‘spy’ on something that can be seen by the other members of the car as well. The game may be simple, but will keep people or children entertained for at least a few hours.
  2. 20 questions – great to play while in a large car with many people. 20 questions makes the occupants of your car think about something else and takes their mind of the most annoying question: ‘Are we there yet?’ The game is simple as everyone tries to guess the object, animal, or mineral one is thinking by asking questions.
  3. The license plates game – you’re on the highway and you’re surrounded by license plates. Well, we could say that there is no better place and time to play this game. According to the age and maturity level of the occupants of your care, the game can range from arranging the letters alphabetically to creating phrases with them.
  4. Guess the song – if you have musically blessed friends, this game may be a great way to get the show on the road. The idea is simple: one person hums or sings a bit of a song and the rest have to guess it.
  5. Car spotting – it is stupidly simple but will keep everyone on their toes. The game gives points to the person who manages to guess the type of car from a distance.

Of course, the list could go on. So, what road trip games are you playing with your friends and family?