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Best places to travel in 2016

The world is huge and offers so many traveling possibilities that you may not know which ones to choose for your 2016 vacation. We know how difficult it can be to choose out of a plethora of locations so we decided to make a few recommendations.

We used our own experience, opinions from travelers all over the world, and reviews from travel bloggers to narrow down the list to the locations below. These are indeed the best locations to visit this year.



While not an exotic location, Australia has a lot to offer. So, if you’ve never been there, now is the time to pack up and go. We recommend you start with Sydney and work your way to other points of interest like:

  • The Great Reef Barrier where you can do scuba diving and allow Mother Nature to mesmerize you with gorgeous underwater landscapes.
  • Amazing beaches with fine sand where you can relax and maybe catch a few waves.
  • The Outback which is the desert situated right in the middle of the continent. This arid region has many amazing things to show tourists.
  • The winelands in Victoria, Tasmania, and Pert. These wineries product some the most popular wines in the world so why not go and see where the magic happens?

Australia is a fantastic location that promises good food, amazing attractions and relaxation.



If you’re more interested in learning new things and exploring ancient cultures, Japan is the perfect location. This fantastic country is a mixture of old and new with state of the art technology and systems intertwined with ancient beliefs and traditions.

We recommend Tokyo – one of the world’s pinnacles of modern technology. Here you’ll be swept off your feet by Japanese ingenuity and way of life. You’ll get to test life in a huge city of a global importance.

When you get tired, you should retreat to Mie Prefecture (4-hours away from Tokyo with the bullet train). This area is known globally for its beauty and activities. Here you will get to see a UNESCO site, oysters that produce pearls and fantastic landscapes that will make a great post card.



If you want an exotic adventure, Myanmar is the perfect location for you. It offers wonderful landscapes, interesting adventures, great food, and friendly people. What could you want more? Popular destinations in Myanmar are the Mergui Archipelago where you can practice a wide range of water sports and enjoy the sun, Bagan, Shwedagon Pagoda, or Inle Lake.

The best part about Myanmar is that you can still find areas where Mother Nature is running wild. Of course, this won’t last forever considering the touristic boom. So, if you still want to catch Myanmar in its half-wild state, now is the time to go.

Ecuador and Amazon

If mild adventure is not enough, a stroll in the jungle may be best for you. In Ecuador you can get a tour through the Amazonian jungle where big spiders and other dangers lurk in the shadows. Honestly, nothing can compare with a trip to the Amazon so book a ticket on the next plane!