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Dragon City

Dragons are mythical creatures that can breathe fire and fly. Their body has a reptilian shape and, if you see them in movies, they are usually huge and scary. Still, we are drawn to them because they are considered to be extremely intelligent and come with a mysterious thirst for riches. If any of these sound familiar, you must have seen your fair share of movies with dragons.

However, in Dragon City you get to see the other part of these creatures: their innocence and path to becoming powerful. The gameplay is definitely set around breeding dragons and helping the little ones evolve. Your main goal is to become the Ultimate Dragon Master and for this, you must start with creating a safe haven for them.

dragon city

The Dragon Island

As a beginner, your headquarters is situated on an island in the middle of nowhere. The landscape is absolutely magical and we believe you will love the amazing combination of colors, buildings, and other elements. Everything is cute and well-designed which makes the game suitable for both adults and children.

You start the game with a few dragons but the rest (up to about 100) you have to earn by completing tasks, participating in tournaments, and fights with other Dragon Masters. Still, there’s a long way until that point.

The first thing you have to do in Dragon City is to breed your existing dragons. It is recommended to breed different species of dragons to create hybrid individuals with unique features and powers. So, if you have a few different dragons, put them to make a baby dragon. Once the egg hatches, you’ll have a new, cuddly, fuzzy creature on the island. Your job is to keep it fed and happy while training it to be a big dragon with great powers. This is one of the reasons why Dragon City is more like a farming game than a fighting one.

The good and the bad

Just like with any mobile games, Dragon City comes with some interesting features, but has some downsides as well. So, let’s see the good first:

  • The gameplay is interesting and the level of detail is pretty high
  • The characters are cute (at least at first) and they keep you busy
  • The high-graphics and smooth movement create an almost real world that you will definitely enjoy.
  • There are over 100 dragons you can breed to create new dragons with new powers
  • The city actually looks good and makes you think about cartoons, not a video game where dragons fight
  • The PvP fighting sessions can be challenging but it depends on the other player’s skills and dragons.

The downsides of Dragon City are not many, but they can be a bit annoying. Thus we have:

  • As you advance in the game, items get more expensive and you need to work harder for gems and other currency. This is a way to push you into spending real money in the game.
  • There is never a real threat on losing your dragons so you don’t really get to feel the thrill of the battle

In the end, Dragon City is an interesting game that will keep you busy. Still, don’t expect any adrenaline-rising activities.