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How to enjoy your vacation with your favorite game console

Are you an Xbox fan? Or maybe you like PS3 or 4? Regardless of preferences, all game consoles today offer amazing games that will make your vacation very interesting. But how do you choose just one or two games to play?

Since the decision can be difficult, we put together a list with the most interesting games to play this vacation on your console. Even more, we selected games for all ages so everyone can enjoy. This way, both adults who are getting some time off work and students who are enjoying their regular vacation can have tons of good time and not one second of boredom.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you like role-playing games, The Witcher 3 must have been one of the most expected releases.  It was released in May 2015 but it’s still very popular among the fans.

You can play it on Xbox and PS4 and you’ll have lots of fun exploring the amazing world created by developers. You will be Geralt of Rivia and you will explore the Northern Kingdoms as a monster hunter who will engage in combat and hunting. If you don’t like the intense scenes, you can just explore some pretty amazingly drawn landscapes.


Following the tradition, EA Games released their 2016 version of FIFA, an association football simulation video game. The game is available on both PS 3 and 4 and Xbox One and 360. So, if you enjoy football and want to learn more about managing a team, FIFA 16 is your best choice. Of course, this will keep you occupied way passed your vacation so if you want to move through the game faster, you should consider buying FIFA coins. But, a word of warning: if you do, find a reliable site like Fifacoinszone!

Sites like Fifacoinszone are secure and they offer multiple ways to get FIFA coins for both 15 and 16 versions. If you want to know more you can read this review about Fifacoinszone where it is explained how to buy FIFA coins.

FIFA coins from Fifacoinszone are a great way to get a powerful team over one vacation. Otherwise you will have to work a lot for it.


Grand Theft Auto V

Do you like fast cars and good music? Then the Grand Theft Auto franchise is for you! The game will work on both PS4 and PS3 and Xbox One and 360.

The GTAV is the latest version and, even though it was released in 2013 it’s still very popular among users. It’s an adrenaline filled game and it will keep you hooked all vacation. Not to mention that there are scenic routes that will allow you to enjoy virtual landscapes and gorgeous images.


Fallout 4

Another action role-playing game! Only this time you will be in post-apocalyptic Boston, several years in the future. The game runs on PS4 and 3 and Xbox One and 360 so anyone can play it. One of the great features of this game is that you can make the character look just like you. Isn’t this cool?

Your mission is to find survivors and build a shelter for yourself and your companions. The action is almost always interesting and you won’t get bored – there’s always something to do in this game.

As you can see, the games available today are quite interesting and engaging so there’s no reason for you to get bored during vacation. Even more, new titles are about to be released so you might be a very lucky gamer. Regardless of the version you choose to play, each of these games will teach you a lot of great things.