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Things not to do when traveling

Traveling is a lot of fun and helps you expand your knowledge and acquaintances. Even more, specialists proved that traveling before you turn 25 helps in achieving important goals by the time you are 30. However, if you want your traveling to be successful and rich in positive experiences, you need to know a few tricks.

We asked the experts (travel bloggers, people who travel for a living, and people who have to travel for business), we listened, and came up with a list of things you shouldn’t do while traveling.

Don’t look for restaurants around major touristic sites


These locations are seriously overpriced and always crowded. If you want a nice location, ask someone local for recommendations. Also, go online and see what other tourists are saying. A touristic location usually has a lot more to offer than the tacky places that are around the main attractions. Don’t be hasty and always try to learn more than what the touristic brochures are showing.

Don’t disregard traditions and customs

You are not in your country anymore and you must respect the traditions of the land. The same goes for laws and unwritten rules. Make sure to study a culture before you go visiting abroad because in many countries, things that seem natural to you can be offensive. For instance:

  • Muslim countries don’t appreciate public gestures of affection like holding hands or kissing
  • Un UAE, sex outside marriage is considered illegal.
  • In countries like Turkey or Brazil, the OK sign we make with our fingers is highly offensive.
  • In Buddhist countries, a pat on the head is a horrible insult as they consider the head to be sacred
  • Be careful with taboo subjects – there are entire nations who don’t like to talk about certain topics
  • In Japan, never enter with your shoes on in a home or a temple.

Learn the proper etiquette

Some countries (especially the Asiatic ones) put a great deal of accent on etiquette. There are certain things you just don’t do while eating or drinking so make sure to know them. For instance, there is a great deal of etiquette around eating with chopsticks. They need to be held in a certain way and you can’t point them at people.


Of course, the list of things not to do could go on. So, the best way to avoid offending someone or getting yourself in a difficult situation is to learn about the country you are going to visit.