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Top 10 Islands In The World: Exotic Places To Visit At Least Once

Our world is filled with wonders starting from huge cities to wild-wild jungles and going down to the most beautiful sea landscapes. But nothing compares with the beauty and peace you get when you travel on an exotic island!

Just try to imagine yourself on an island covered with vegetation, with amazing beaches, and extreme serenity! Nothing could beat that!

Top 10 islands for your soul

So, if you plan to go on an island vacation, we made a top 10 best islands in the world. Read on and enjoy!

#1: The Philippine

Forming an entire archipelago, the Philippines are some of the most popular islands of the moment. Exotic, with luxuriant vegetation, and white sandy beaches, these islands do have what to brag about. The best part is that there is something for everyone, from luxurious resorts to amazing activities like hiking or swimming with the whale sharks.

 #2: Maui and Kauai, Hawaii


Well, if you want exotic and relaxation, then you choose Hawaii! These 2 amazing islands are extremely popular among tourists all over the world due to their accommodation possibilities and the natural attractions. I mean it’s not every day when you get to see humpback whales or hike on volcanoes, right?

#3: Hvar & Dalmatian Islands, Croatia


If you want to capture the romantic atmosphere of wonderful 13-century architecture and be mesmerized by the beauty of an ancient city, these Croatian islands are the answer.

#4: St. Lucia

This won’t be the first time when a Caribbean island is mentioned in our top, but St. Lucia does deserve to be the first. The island is gorgeous, offering adventurers a green paradise where they can hike, climb, and completely relax.

#5: Maldives


Very popular with tourists, the Maldives are quite tiny. However, the clear water and sugary white beaches are not the only main attractions here. The Maldives are also known for their atolls (coral islands) and the diversity of the ocean life.

#6: Mykonos


We couldn’t leave Greece out of this top! There are many islands on this land blessed by the ancient Gods, but Mykonos is well-known for the social life. Here you can attend parties and have tons of fun while enjoying the view of a gorgeous island.

#7: Tasmania, Australia


Gorgeous and unique, this island is a hiker’s heaven! But, if you’re just on vacation, you also find beaches with white sand and amazingly clear bays.

#8: Bali, Indonesia


If you’re looking for a cultural and spiritual experience, Bali is the right place to go. Covered in vegetation and sprinkled with ancient Indonesian culture and religion, Bali seems like an island cut off time itself.

#9: Great Barrier Reef & Whitsunday Islands, Australia

If you like mesmerizing landscapes and water sports, this is the best place to go on Earth. The Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday islands offer some of the best occasions for snorkeling, swimming with exotic fish, and enjoying corals.

#10: Bermuda

Surrounded by mystery and populated by a mixture of cultures, the Bermuda Islands are some of the most exotic you could find. These islands are also known for their underground caverns filled with water and amazing water sports opportunities.