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Which of the Maldives islands is right for you?

A vacation in the Maldives is something to dream about! White sand beaches, crystal-clear water, amazing resorts and lots of water activities are the main attractions here. Still, you have to remember that the Maldives is an archipelago and there are 1200 islands in it. However, only 200 are inhabited and nearly 100 have resorts or touristic locations.

Now, the island you visit should be chosen according to the type of activities you want to perform. For instance, if you’re more into leisure and sunbathing, you should choose a specific island while, if you want water sports, you should go on another. So how do you decide?

To make things a bit easier, we made a selection out of the top touristic resorts and their islands. Continue reading to find out which island is the best fit for you.


Biyadhoo island resort

This resort island is situated in the in South Malé Atoll and is a heaven for divers. There is even a school for divers, but if this is not your thing, you can always try snorkeling. The island has 7 passages where you get to meet the marine life like reef sharks, turtles or even rays.

Komandoo Island Resort

Keep in mind that islands in the Maldives are quite small so it’s no wonder that each resort has its own island. This one is recommended for couples who want some peace and quiet. Before choosing this resort, keep in mind that it’s adults only. No children are allowed on the island.

Also, there is a house reef on each side of the island. You can easily get there swimming and you can admire the marine life and corals. This is definitely the place to go when you want a nice, romantic vacation!

Kuredu Island Resort

Kuredu is one of the largest resorts in Maldives and also one of the most affordable. It’s filled with people and life so, if you like agitated vacations, here’s the place to go – great parties, amazing food, and lots of things to do and see. All in all, Kuredu is well-known for the food variety it offers so, if you like food and want to try new things, this is the best resort in the Maldives for you.

You can also snorkel here, but it’s a bit more dangerous because of the current. Still, there are other things to see like dolphins.

Centara Ras Fushi

This island resort has one of the best house reefs in Maldives as it can be accessed from all around the island. Even more, it’s easy to reach it from the beach and you have access to free snorkeling equipment. This resort is fantastic for newlyweds (no children on the island) and snorkeling passionate.